Lexi (midvacent) wrote,

Fic: Explain

Stargate/Sanctuary fic.

Title: Explain
done for the gen fic x-over flash fic post. here

“Magnus,” says Will, his voice low and urgent. “She has your face.”

Kate holds a cold pack to her newly bruised cheek. She’s slouching on the nearest bed, her pride a little rattled, for she snorts in a slightly bitter kind of way and says,

“No shit, Sherlock.”

Helen says nothing; she merely continues to check the IV. Samantha Carter is burnt and unconscious and cuffed with one hand to the rail. She fought hard against the anthropod, she fought harder when she woke up in the back of Helens van, swaddled in bandages and drugged for the pain. In Helens eyes, she’d conducted herself like someone who had year’s long practice in escaping. Except, when she’d stood with Kate’s gun to Wills head and glared Helen down, she hadn’t been prepared for Henry’s wide range stunner. None of them had. The aching behind Helen’s eyes, and behind Will and Kate’s, is testimony.

“If you could check that the creature is secure?” She says, turning to Will. She doesn’t doubt Henry’s skill, but words must be said, and they are the kind said better without an audience. He gets her meaning immediately, and she smiles when he says,

“Sure,” and gestures Kate to follow.

Kate rolls her eyes. “I've got a date with the Big Guy anyway.” She grins crookedly at Helen and trails out the door after Will.

Helen does a once over on her patient, and then sits down on the nearest chair and waits. It doesn’t take Nikola long to appear, wine glass in hand. No doubt he got the story from Henry within their first half hour home and was up until now working out his plan.

“Well, well, what have we here?” He says, his usual superior attitude draped about him like a cloak.

“You don’t recognise her?” She says, eyebrow arching.

He laughs, and then stops when he sees she is not. He knows for all his schemes, he can’t play this game with her, not today. Instead he says,

“She’s not nearly as pretty as I expected.”

Helen snorts and then sighs. “She’s going to want answers.”

“I would too, If I were a clone.” He shrugs.
Tags: fic, sanctuary, sg1

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