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It's the 21st centuray cure!

So... Repo! The Genetic Opera anyone?

It's a rock opera. The theme of which is sort of Rocky Horror meets Sin City, with a little bit of  'insert post-apocolyptic 'verse of choice here.'

I freakin love it, though. The songs, the characters, the backdrop, the story, the electric guitar. It's all good, people. And I haven't even seen the movie yet.
Check it out!
Official Trailer
Zydrate Anatomy
Seventeen and yes, that is Anthony Stewart Head as Nathan Wallace. :D

Speaking of awesome things, my sis's party on saturday! We have about 30 people coming. It's horror movie themed. Perfect timing for buying shit considering halloween's the day before.

I have a black and red wig. And sexy black dress. Now if only I could find something horror movie-ish to put it together. Any ideas?