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Random health update

I don't crash and burn anymore! After seven years I don't get the absolute exhaustion that hurts my bones, and muscles and nerves. I just get very tired, the one I can recover from.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you can watch this handy dandy informational video. If you so desire.
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Police and Helicopters, Oh My!

At around 3pm this arvo, six separate police cars came racing down our street.

Seriously, I was having an art lesson when there was the sound of a car moving very quickly down the road.

We live on a T section. The 'stem' of the road being the only way out for about 100 houses. We're surrounded by a park reserve and a very steep valley that goes down to a train track.

One police car stopped at the T section and started signaling the others down either side of the road. There was this poor couple standing on the footpath getting yelled at by the officer saying "Get off the road! Get off the road!" They went and huddled in their car looking freaked out, as you can imagine.

A few minutes later you could hear a helicopter hovering over the place. I was getting all fidgety wanting to go and see and not wanting to go and see.

About 20 minutes later the helicopter had gone and all the police had left. Either they caught whoever they were after or the guy had made a run for it into the track that runs through the reserver park.

I wonder weather it'll be on the news?
helen and kate


The most bizarre thing happened today.

I met I person in real life, whom I'd already met on a online forum. I actually sat next to her at the table. Small world.

I was there for a charity movie screening and dinner for ME/CFS week. To find out more go here, here or here.

It's important, especially here in Australia, to spread the word, as most of the medical society don't recognise ME/CFS, which only puts more strain on the sufferers and their friends and families.