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Fandom Rocks!

Hello Lovelies.

Okay so, for the last six weeks I've been doing the artword round robin challenge. 4 writers write a story and 4 artists create art. Each person adding something as they go along. So yeah, it's finished. It's wonderful and even if you don't watch SGA, come take a looksie and be inspired by the awesomeness.

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helen and kate

Supernova Pop Culture Expo

Supernova Pop Culture Expo
Or why watching celebrities sing karaoke stays with you...

Disclaimer: Anything I say here will not be 100% correct. It is merely my recollection of experiences and really, my memory is pretty shoddy. So, you can all mark this as a humble fans experience. :D

On Sunday afternoon, I walked into the Supernova Expo. I can say this, I had a great time.

First off, I listened in on Sonny Whitelaw and Jennifer Fallon talking about their Stargate novel "Roswell". Spoilers ahead.

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Next up, I went and saw Nikki Clyne aka Specialist Cally!

She's a sweetheart. Very bubbly and funny.
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At 5pm Nikki Clyne and Nicholas Brendan sang karaoke.


They sang one song I don't know. But I do know that it was from the eighties. (Something about give just a bit of respect to me) ETA: woolly_socks has identified it as "A Little Respect" by Erasure. Thanks! And then they sang Tainted Love and asked the crowd to sing along. It was really cool. They were both playacting the whole thing 'I used to run to you - and now I run from you!" :D

Fun times.

The End.</lj>