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Vid: Truly - Torchwood - A Gwen Vid


Song: Truly by Something For Kate
Clips: Torchwood Season 1.

SPOILERS up to 1x13 "End of Days"

This is a vid about Gwen and her relationships with Owen and Jack. Plus all the angsty stuff that goes with it.

The Nervous Authors note:
Second Vid Ever. I've never done editing "properly" before (I bet you can tell) and this is the first time I was serious about it. But I did enjoy making it. So, that's something anyway.

Disclaimer: Made for fun not profit. The clips belong to the BBC and the song belongs Something For Kate. I do not claim the original materials as my own.

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helen and kate

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So, making a music vid is damn hard work!

It's a Torchwood one, Gwen with a side of Owen and Jack. Set to the song Truly by Something for Kate. I love the song, and I immediately thought of TW when I heard it, I hope it works.

I'm up to 2:15 out of 4:50 and I've been working at least 3 hours now. My respect for other vidders has grown a lot since I started making my own.

I went sailing yesterday. Actual sailing! It was my first time, it was great.

Well, that's it from me. Tomorrow I may post my Sailing Boat Pic!spam!

ETA: All my icons are anemic, I need some new ones!